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Artist Bios

The Kulprits are a professional band in the New York area,  with over 30 years experience.  They play Rock, Punk & Country covers and originals, with their own twist.



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Scoot Horton started out in the New York Hardcore Punk scene, playing in the bands Awkward Thought and then Shell Shock. He released several records and EPs with these bands as well as having the privilege of touring the US and Europe. In 2000, Awkward Thought released the LP ‘Mayday’ which many consider a hardcore classic. 

Later Scoot went solo, releasing 2 albums of alt-folk/country songs while still maintaining his punk edge. 
In 2019, Scoot made a guest appearance with the band No Redeeming Social Value at the Among the Angels Fest in Maastricht, NL. He recently collaborated with the Dutch band, Backfire! on the song ‘Lights Out’ released in 2023 on their album ‘Angry God.’ 

The concept of the Kulprits came to Scoot in a dream, and now it is coming to fruition. He is excited for everyone to hear this new band. 


Marlena Horton holds a Bachelors of Science & Masters of Science in Music Education from the College of Saint Rose, Albany, NY.  She has worked as a music educator for over twenty-three years, working in New York State public schools. Through the years Marlena has produced and performed in many fundraisers for various charities and currently serves on the United Nations NGO Committee on Children’s Rights. Marlena played keyboard and sang back up with The Max Graham Band throughout Manhattan in clubs such as The Bitter End, The Red Lion and the Living Room.  Marlena is thrilled to be part of the Kulprits, working side by side with her man, Scoot Horton, singing covers and Scoot Horton originals.


The roster of performers Bass Player Steve Geller has worked with reads like a Who’s Who of Rock Royalty - a Beatle (original Drummer Pete Best), a Rolling Stone (Mick Taylor), a Door (Ray Manzarek), and 3 Monkees (Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork), among many others. A seasoned touring professional, Steve has spent years on the road in support of Blues players like Harmonica virtuoso Dennis Gruenling and Chicago Blues Legend Hubert Sumlin. He also tours occasionally with the wildly popular Kings of the Midwest Blues scene, The Jimmys. Recently, Steve toured with CBGB Legend Richard Lloyd, a founding member of Television. During the lockdown, Steve started The Pandemaniacs. Their wildly inventive videos attracted national attention, and have been picked up by several film festivals. Locally, Steve was a member of Joe Duraes & The Skills. Just recently, Steve became a member of Back to the Garden 1969, performing theatrical recreations of the original Woodstock Festival to audiences across the country. Steve is excited to be playing with the Kulprits, mainly because none of them are celebrities or legends.


Origins unknown. Rumored to be the bastard child of a gypsy tramp and a deaf poet, Otto Wino was abandoned at birth and discovered in a battered, charred old oak barrel near the rear entrance of the notorious Bucket of Blood Saloon. Raised by barflies, wharf rats, hookers, thieves and hobos, he quickly developed a taste for booze, bombshells, the blues and broiled flounder topped with a zesty citrus salsa. When a decrepit Fender Stratocaster strung with barbed wire came into his possession via a cutthroat schoolyard game of Dead Eye Jacks, young Otto knew he had found his calling – high velocity garage raunch and roll, straight up without a chaser. Today, Otto continues to play with the Lifesize Gorgeous Cocktails, his life-long band of notorious hopped-up drunks, and is also the co-founder of zombie rot ‘n roll pioneers, The Scared Stiffs. He has done hard time in The Epstein Bar Hoppers, Bottle of Smoke, The Assless Chaps, Junior High, Call Me a Cab, and The Well Hungarians to name a few. He’s also happy now to be playing with The Kulprits, whose members refreshingly do not seem to carry grudges or straight razors in their boots. Hobbies include grifting, drifting and riffing.

After more than a four- decade absence from the local music scene, Wess (Tom) Wessels has returned as the drummer of the Kulprits. Wess honed his skills locally with Motion and Becky Sharpe in the 70’s prior to relocating to the capital district where he played and recorded with a variety of rock and country acts such as The Pulse, VibeWranglers, and Jannelle and The Shelter Dogs. More recently Wess has supported singer songwriter Daniel Cole, recording two records and gigging extensively along the East Coast. Wess is happy returning to the scene of the crime with The Kulprits!

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